Enhance your Revenue

In the Ocean Transportation industry, rates and other charges are constantly changing and shipments are fast-paced that means the smallest rating errors can lead to significant revenue loss. The experts at Maritime Industry Services work directly with your rating personnel to ensure your Bill of Lading is completely accurate by eliminating errors and capturing all applicable revenue.

Security & Confidentiality

It is crucial that your data, systems and reports maintain integrity by keeping all information completely confidential. Our entire staff is dedicated to this promise by signing confidentiality contracts.


By integrating into your shipping and rating systems the process is performed live, allowing for immediate results. We work directly with your raters to correct and confirm applicable rates and charges. As an expert third-party, we will assist your raters to become proficient in recognizing discrepancies on future shipments.


Comprehensive and in-depth, we perform an extensive review on ALL aspects of your Bill of Lading to capture revenue by confirming rates and correcting errors prior to release. Maritime's internal review shows an average of 99.7% accuracy in success of bill review.


In this industry information needs action fast. All Bill of Lading reviews are performed within minutes of receipt to avoid any delays to your internal processes.


To monitor results, our clients receive a confidential and comprehensive report each week outlining origins/destinations, undercharges, overcharges, error description and savings totals for each of your Trade Lanes.