As equipment is one of major cost factors in any business, proper use and timely turnaround of equipment is very important. The use of containers by the Clients should be within the allotted free time, however if not, then compensation for the extended time used should be enforced to reduce the overall equipment costs.

MARITIME can offer a program that would bill and collect for the extended time based on the published rules and regulations. This is accomplished by tracking the equipment from the moment it leaves the Carrier’s facility and returns back to the Carrier’s designated facility. After the equipment is returned, Free Time is calculated and if exceeded, an invoice is issued to the client requesting timely payment.

Provided during Bill of Lading review or as a stand-alone program

  • Each piece of equipment that is discharged at a US port will be tracked until it is returned to the carrier's designated facility.
  • Based upon the carrier's published rules and regulations, if the client exceeds the free time, they will be billed accordingly.
  • Maritime will bill and collect for all due charges based upon the published charges and fees as mandated by the carrier.