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Carrier Responsibilities

The Carriers are required to have a Profile on all their Clients. The Profiles have to contain information that would indicate that the Shipper has legal status to be conducting business in the international transportation industry as outlined by various Government Agencies. It is also incumbent on the Carrier to ensure that the Profiles are updated on a regular basis. A Carrier Client data base usually has over 1000 clients and the larger Carriers have data bases in excess of 25000 clients. It is a momentous task to maintain the client data base current.

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How it Works

Full Client Profile:

Where the Carrier provides their Client information to us and we verify the information and submitted back with our findings:

We review the following information:
  • That an OTI License and Organization number is in place
  • That the NOVCC has a current tariff in place
  • Ensure that a Bond is in place and current
  • That the Client is registered in the state that they are doing business.
  • If applicable their D&B Number.

Monitoring Service:
Where Maritime provides to the Carriers via E-Mail the following information:

  • Timely list of OTI's who have had their licenses, suspended, revoked or re-issued
  • Carrier's inquires on the status of any OTI List of all new OTI's

Benefits And Reasons For Enrolling In The Services

FMC acting more aggressively to stop the practice by un-licensed OTI's

One more step in Carriers taking the initiative in self policing and improving their security and the Industry.

MIS to verify information removing the “Sales” aspect in setting up Client Profiles and new Clients

Alerts to when OTI's bonds expire or their licenses and or tariffs are suspended or cancelled  by the FMC

Third Party Monitoring to show additional due diligences to Government Agencies.