Maritime Industry Services, Inc. provides key rating reviews and professional reporting for the global transportation industry in order to maximize revenue potential. After 25 years of working on direct pricing and management responsibilities, founders Lorenzo Barcena and Keith J. Pomkoski recognized a need for professional Bill of Lading analysis and management reporting. They realized that carriers were losing thousands of dollars in lost revenue due to inaccurate rates. As a dynamic partnership with over 50 years of combined experience in the ocean transportation industry, Maritime provides expert evaluations that are both accurate and effective.


Lorenzo Barcena
Managing Partner

Has worked in the ocean transportation industry for over 30 years in senior management and pricing positions. He has held key roles as an executive for various major carriers both in the U.S. and off-shore locations in Latin and South America.

B.B.A. of Finance from the University of Miami

Keith Pomkoski
Managing Partner

Brings over 25 years of industry knowledge as the chairman of 35+ conferences, rate agreements and discussion agreements. He also started the first successful demurrage/detention program in Central America.

B.A. from Concordia University